The Efficiency for Access (E4A) Coalition is a global campaign to harness the game-changing power of energy efficiency to drive universal access to enhanced energy services beyond lighting by 2030.




Over one billion people globally lack access to electricity. Basic energy services such as lighting and charging are important first rung in the energy access ladder, yet realizing broader socio-economic benefits will require the delivery of higher levels of energy services—such as communication, cooling, agro-processing, water pumping, health services, and more— to off-grid populations. Super-efficient appliances, equipment, and other end-use technologies increase the affordability of these life-transforming energy services by radically reducing the cost of the required off-grid energy supply. 




E4A will provide a cross-cutting platform within the SE4All framework to unite and amplify global efforts to catalyze markets for super-efficient end-use technologies and strengthen linkages with broader supply-side energy access efforts. E4A mobilize commitments from public- and private-sector partners to support the development and deployment of these technologies, accelerating progress towards the Sustainable Development Goal 7 (SDG7) targeting universal energy access.