Energy efficiency is a powerful, yet regularly overlooked driver of energy access. Super-efficient appliances, equipment, and other end-use technologies are a critical pathway to provide off-grid communities with higher levels of energy services at lower cost. 


The Efficiency for Access (E4A) will provide a cross-cutting platform within the SE4All framework to unite and amplify current efforts, mobilize resources and supporting actions to catalyze emerging markets for off-grid end-use technologies, and strengthen linkages with broader supply-side energy access efforts. In doing so, E4A aims to harness the untapped potential of super-efficient end-use technologies to expand the human and economic benefits of energy access.

The overarching goal is to support the development and deployment of super-efficient end-use technologies, alongside complementary efforts to expand off-grid energy supply, to enable universal access to enhanced energy services beyond basic lighting by 2030.

The coalition will focus on the following market transformation efforts:

  • Creating evidence-based market intelligence through research and analysis
  • Driving technology and innovation
  • Supporting the development of enabling policy frameworks
  • Increasing access to finance through innovative mechanisms
  • Facilitating industry engagement and support
  • Raising consumer awareness


“This coalition is an innovative cross-cutting initiative that leverages the robust SE4All partnership platform to shine a spotlight on the transformational role that affordable, high-quality, and highly-efficient technologies can play in advancing progress towards meeting the ambitious 7th Sustainable Development Goal.”
— Mohinder Gulati, SE4All’s Chief Operating Officer

Building on the LED success story.

Super-efficient technologies are already transforming energy access. Advances in LED efficacy, coupled with falling prices, have sparked the development of a rapidly growing global commercial market for off-grid solar lighting and phone charging products. This market has transformed the lives of millions of off-grid families and businesses – and the economics of this market are such that it simply would not exist without super-efficient LEDs. Super-efficient, appropriately designed, and affordable appliances and equipment can, and will, have the same impact on delivering enhanced energy services to off-grid populations by bringing down the overall cost of off-grid energy. 

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“Lighting Global’s success in catalyzing markets for off-grid lighting products has demonstrated that rapid market transformation is possible when you have the confluence of technological advances coupled with innovative business practices – often from diverse sectors. E4A will help build that united front from multiple industries in order to catalyze complementary markets for super-efficient end-use technologies that enable the delivery of affordable solar energy services at scale.”
— Russell Sturm, head of International Finance Corporation’s (IFC) Lighting Global initiative